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We are a small family ranch raising Friesian Horses and European Golden Retrievers. We live in the Northwest in the beautiful state of Washington. I practice herbalism and natural medicine, and my husband Patrick is a Software Engineer. We both work from home which allows us lots of time to devote to our son as well as our animals. Our farm is located across the Columbia River about 20 minutes from Portland, Oregon.

Our path to Goldens began when we were looking for a sweet companion for our Son, Sage. I have always loved Golden Retrievers for their wonderful family disposition. In the past we've always rescued dogs from animal shelters, but this time we really wanted a well bred Golden Retriever. In my search I stumbled upon some photos of English Cream Golden Retrievers.

To my surprise they were delightfully snowy, and I was irrevocably hooked. I had to have one of the sweet puppies to brighten our lives. Therefore, it came to pass my home is now filled with the pitter patter (thud, thud) of magnificent snowy Goldens. Even amidst their mischievousness they are a delight. I can't imagine my life without them.

We are now carefully breeding and beginning to show our beautiful Goldens. As we did with our Friesians, we searched the world for some of the most beautiful and well bred English Cream Golden Retrievers. Our dogs have all been thoughtfully bred for temperament, health, conformation and beauty. We feel honored to be a part of preserving these beautiful, incredible dogs, destined to become loving members of your family.

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